Iran Biotechnology Information Center was founded in 2010 as the center for promoting advanced science and technology in biological fields, in particular biotechnology, genetic engineering and bio-safety.

This center aims to provide easy access to scientific information in these disciplines for different classes of society such as researchers, students, farmers, producers, consumers, managers, policymakers and the general public.

Iran Biotechnology Information Center is a nonprofit and non-governmental scientific institution with extensive international scientific communication and is closely coordinated with the Biotechnology Information Centers of the developing countries, especially the Islamic countries.

The goal of this center is to create the necessary fields for the free exchange of information and the promotion of scientific information against unpopular and non-scientific information and to establish close relationships between different groups to accelerate the exchange of information and knowledge on various aspects of new technologies especially biotechnology. Among these groups. The activities of the Iran Biotechnology Information Center will provide a platform for discussion and among all stakeholders on biotechnology topics and applications.The goals of this center are transnational and international, Iran Biotechnology Information Center has set its goals on the development of all Muslim nations. Understanding and facilitating the access of Iran and other developing countries to the benefits of modern biotechnology is the ultimate goal of this center.