Biosafety Association awards: A prize of 20 million Tomans

According to the Iranian Biotechnology Information Center, quoting the Biosafety Association, this association has invited the general public to participate in scientific competition with the aim of strengthening scientific communication.” The importance of new technologies in their use in ensuring food security and environmental health is inevitable,” the association said in a statement provided to the Iranian Biotechnology Information Center. However, some people and currents have expressed concerns about the use of transgenic products. Given the importance of human health and the biosafety association’s commitment to food security, human health, and the environment, the scientific search of educated members of the association has failed to obtain any documentation of the negative impact of transgenic products; It hereby declares that anyone can submit a scientific document (scientific research paper indexed in the ISI, the result of a specialized meeting of any of the reputable international organizations affiliated to the United Nations or an official report of the governments) that explicitly indicates the occurrence of any damage to human health, the amount of two hundred million rials, equivalent to twenty million tomans will receive a prize. Obviously, this award will not be given to online or unreliable documents or documents that indicate the possibility of an unknown event occurring in the unknown future of some unknown type.

All those interested in participating in this competition are requested to send their documents to the by emailing the Biosafety Association.

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