The massage of Iranian President Elect Dr. Rohani for the 8th national Biotechnology Congress of Iran and the 4th congress on Biosafety and Genetic Engineering.

Iranian President Elect Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s sent a massage for participants in the inaguration of the 8th National Biotechnology Congress of Iran and the 4th Congress on Biosafety and Genetic Engineering. Iran Biotechnology Information Center …

Iranian President Elect Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s sent a massage for participants in the inaguration of the 8th National Biotechnology Congress of Iran and the 4th Congress on Biosafety and Genetic Engineering. Iran Biotechnology Information Center (IRBIC) is pleased to publish the translation of his massage.

In the name of God, the All- Merciful, the All-Compassionate

I am proud to see my country’s scientists, researchers, professors, and students being such vibrant, hopeful, prudent, active and dynamic.

Firstly, I extend my congratulations to the organizers of these two major congresses, the Eighth National Biotechnology Congress and Fourth Congress on Biosafety and Genetic Engineering that will be held simultaneously, especially to the Iranian Biotechnology Society and the Biosafety Society of Iran and hope fruitful meeting for all the honorable participants and guests of these two congresses.

The growth and development in any country is indebted to the efforts made by its scientists. The welfare and development in the developed and industrial countries is indebted to that country’s scientific achievements and their use in transforming into technology and production of wealth.

A short glance at the history of Europe’s industrial revolution and the history of industrialization in the developed countries show that in certain periods of time, the scientist and researchers with devotion and courage could have been able to fight against technophobia and to endow their country as well as the entire world with their knowledge, skill, and scientific achievements. About the biological fields also the story is the same. The Green Revolution is indebted to the collective efforts of many scientists.

Although all types of technologies should be taken into consideration and there should be a balanced development in all fields of science and technology, sometimes the significance of some of the scientific fields are much higher for reasons and the necessity of achieving these types of technologies is increased evidently more than other ones. Having particular characteristics, new technologies are classified in this group. The fundamental characteristics of new technologies are that they are basically software and brain ware driven. Contrary to giant industries, these kinds of technologies do not require much investment and are more attractive because they are environmentally friendly in nature.

However among these types of technologies, biotechnology has revolutionized the agricultural and food industries, health and medicine, environment, mine and industry, and even law and ethics in a way that is not comparable to any other type of technology in being effective and vital.

Recreation of life forms, creating artificial cells, production of proteins, and other medical compounds in plants, growing more than 170 hectares of transgenic crop plants-including drought tolerant crops in almost 30 countries- diagnosis of pre-natal diseases, animal cloning and reproduction of the first animals from a drop of blood promises the other wondrous and fundamental developments in life that maybe met during our life.

It is quite clear that these great developments and valuable achievements may also raise some concerns. While concerns must be respected; they should never be taken as pretexts and excuse for prevention of the development of science and technology and our country’s use of their abundant benefits.

The title “food safety and health” is chosen wisely for your conference which shows the fundamental role of biotechnology and genetic engineering in health and food safety that are of the main and basic components of national security.

Although our country enjoys huge infrastructures in agricultural biotechnology and skilled human resources, our only share in of the biotech crop industry at the moment is the import of the products from outside the country that by the reflection and prudence of our courageous managers and the capability and expertise of our researchers, should be reversed.

In today’s world, the use of biotechnology and genetic engineering is not only a necessity but it is also a desired choice for resolving food, health, and environmental problems. Any ignorance in achieving and using modern biotechnology could certainly make us to be blamed by the next generations.

I take holding these two congresses just months ahead of the beginning of the work of the “government of prudence and hope” as a good and auspicious sign. I wish you fruitful days and a very successful congress and will be looking forward to see the results of your conferences. I hope scheming the current situation and detecting the fundamental challenges in the way of national production, food security and heath, your worthwhile solutions and suggestions could open the locks and bring back the vivacity and boom to the field of science and technology, production and health. Undoubtedly no group loftier than the country’s scientific associations and the expert team present in the conference can represent the true recognition of the current situation and the solution for reaching the desired situation.

Hasan Rohani

July 5, 2013

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